“Met and surpassed all of our expectations.” Dennis and Joy D. “…your professionalism tempered with consideration for us, your clients, made the whole transaction successful.” Dale and Nancy E. “We really appreciate all your good advice, and are very thankful that you helped us avoid making a big mistake with (that other house).” Lisa and Frankie O. “Thank you for helping things go so smoothly on the sale of my house…and for sound advice on all my real estate questions.” Peggy B. “Bill did an excellent job for us! Our house sold much quicker than we ever expected.” David and Louise W.
“He never pressured us or made us feel like we needed to ‘hurry up’ (even though our reality was that we did need to hurry). When we hit what seemed like a brick wall…he offered suggestions and viola! Our offer was accepted.” Kevin and Linda H. “I would not have given Bill Power of Attorney (on my behalf) had I not completely trusted him.” Sara U. “I expected my house to sell within 6 months, not one week! Bill Did a great job!” Peter C. “Even the nervousness of closing was made much easier since Bill prepared us for everything. My family couldn’t be happier with our purchase or the service given by Mr. Fain.” John and Melissa V.


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Tired of seeing the same dull proposals and advertisements, Bill wishes the real estate agents in New England would liven things up a little. By not always following the conventional method, Bill has broken all kinds of records in the real estate arena. How does he do it? By working hard. By working smart. Bill also has a wealth of real estate experience to draw on, a terrific Brown Group Realty real estate team to back him up, and a lot of contacts in the real estate business. His past performance may not be the only measure of success, but can you think of anything better to go by? If you’re buying or selling property in Rhode Island or Connecticut, count on Bill Fain.
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